How to do a back-test on a forex robot (EA).

How to do a back-test on a forex robot (EA). Before starting, make sure you have a demo account and the robot is installed on MetaTrader4. For those of you who haven't done it or don't even have a robot to test, please open it and follow the following guide:

Tutorials and Complete Guide to Using Forex Trading Robots

If so, let's start testing the performance of the forex robot that you have by following the steps below.

How to do a back-test on a forex robot (EA).

1. Open strategy tester

Click the "View" button then select "Strategy Tester"

You will see a panel appear at the bottom of your MT4 platform. After that, the next step is to choose the forex robot EA that you want to test.

How to open strategy tester metatrader 4

2. Select the robot you want to test

If you have selected the robot you want to test, you can proceed to the next stage, namely:

Choose the time period you want

How to Setup Forex Robots

3. Setting the time period

At this stage, you need to select the desired time-frame or time period. You can also choose the time range you want to use to test the robot. Here's how:

Select "Use date"

Here you can select the date, month and year in the options next to the "Use Date" box.


From: 2021.02.01

To: 2022.02.01

That is, you will use data recorded in that time range from 1 February 2013 to 1 February 2014 as shown in the image below.

4. Choose a currency pair

At this stage, you must have fairly complete price movement data. Because in this step, a lot of space will be used on your hard-disk.

Based on the experience of the FOREXimf Analyst and Education team, some EA or forex robots will likely cause MT4 to crash or not be able to run.

Therefore, if the price movement data you have is complete enough, then you can run a back test at that time.

It is highly recommended to include 1 minute tick data (1 Minute/M1) so that the back test results are more accurate.

5. Run a back-test

Click the "Start" button and let the program run itself.

After a few seconds, minutes, or hours (depending on the time range you choose and the capabilities of your computer/laptop), you will see the results of the back-test on the "Graph" or "Result" tab in the Strategy Tester panel.

Keep in mind, these results are based on the past performance of the forex robot and do not guarantee that it will provide the same results in the future.

Tips: To get maximum results, you can use a long time span (for example three years) as price movement data in back-testing.

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